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Release Financial Trauma and Claim Your Financial Health Now!
Thursday, August 30th, 2018 
Live ONLINE Group Class 7:00pm ET-8:30pm ET 
If you cannot attend live, a class recording is available

Financial Trauma may be stopping you from having the financial success you work hard for, but that somehow continues to remain out of reach no matter what you do. Like any trauma, Financial Trauma has devastating effects after the actual event has passed and can even be inherited. Having the information, awareness and understanding that we will share in this exclusive workshop is the key that will help to unlock you from continuing to experience the anxiety, frustration and struggle that comes with financial difficulties.  Tickets $33 per person To register

Manifesting, Abundance and The Lower Chakras

The Base Chakra: Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 
The Sacral Chakra: Thursday, September 6th, 2018
The Solar Plexus Chakra: Tuesday September 11th, 2018

Live ONLINE Group Class 7:00pm ET-8:30pm ET
If you cannot attend live, a class recording is available

Manifesting Abundance is one of the most popular topics searched online today, and the reason is pretty simple: things would be a lot easier if we had more money!  In this exclusive class, we are going to identify the number one mistake most people make when it comes to manifesting, and why this mistake makes manifesting more difficult than it has to be. We are also going to share why the lower chakras are the true game changers when it comes to manifesting, and abundance as well as show you how to manifest powerfully through the lower chakras, as it is naturally intended to be. 

Tickets $33 per person per class.To register individually
To register for all 3 classes $77

Breaking Through Money Blocks
Wednesday September 5th and 12th, and Tuesday September 18th, 2018
Live ONLINE Group Class 7:00pm ET-8:30pm ET
If you cannot attend live, class recordings are available

This class is to help you identify the unconscious blocks that may be keeping you stuck and holding you back from having a healthy relationship with your money.  These unconscious blocks may be due to a past financial trauma or may have been have been something that you inherited from an ancestor.  This class will allow you to identify and break free of old and limiting patterns and allow you to create powerful new actions so that you can move forward with confidence and ease.  $99
To register:

Ongoing Service: 

Decoding the Map: a one time, 90 minute session exploring your personal Financial Astrology to identify the gifts and the strengths as well as the challenges and lessons in your unique birthchart with how you approach and handle money. Challenges and blocks will be identified and cleared and you will come away with amazing clarity and confidence in your ability to handle any financial issues now and in the future.  $147. 
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